Tree Trimming & Pruning Services

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We specialize in tree removal services in the Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Customers have trusted us since 1986 to remove any tree efficiently and safely, no matter the size and scope of the project.

Tree Trimming & Pruning Services

Professional Tree Trimming & Pruning Services from Skillfully Trained Arborists

If your shrubs are overgrown, your trees are drooping over neighbors’ property, or you’re nervous about a diseased tree, Stanley Tree Service can help – no matter the size of the job! We understand that overgrowth is unsightly and may be dangerous. Dead, asymmetrical, or structurally unsound trees might create significant risks to your safety and property. Reshaping your bushes, shrubbery, and trees can help to stimulate strong development by our professional Rhode Island arborists.

Expertly Trained Arborists Provide Skilled Professional Trimming & Pruning Services

Our arborists use state-of-the-art equipment and top-of-the-line methods to ensure that your trees are healthy, strong, and beautiful.


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Cabling & Bracing

We install cable systems to:

Reduce risk of tree failure during weather events

Stanley Tree Service provides cable and bracing services to help maintain the structural integrity of the plant. Coupled with regular pruning, cabling can significantly boost its longevity and stability. Our tree care experts are only a phone call away with fair pricing and exceptional craftsmanship!

Make a point of supporting young trees

Earth anchors can be utilized to stabilize new plantings. For example, we may aid a young tree to survive long enough to establish anchoring roots by temporarily bracing it with cables and rods. The cables will then be removed once the roots have been established.

Tree Inspection

We’ve all seen photos of trees that have been uprooted and fallen on cars and houses during strong winds and storms. Although most of these events are rare circumstances, they are avoidable in many cases. Our expert and certified arborists can evaluate your trees for possible flaws, aware of this information. Trees are complex organisms, with a trained eye needed to detect hidden risks. We may proactively enhance the stability of your trees by analyzing threats via a comprehensive tree risk assessment.  

Corrective Pruning

Benefits of having your trees and shrubs thinned and pruned:

Hire an expert arborist to offer long-term maintenance for your lovely landscaping by getting corrective pruning work done right away!


Deadwooding, or removing dead wood from a tree, is more than just aesthetic. If not treated promptly, rotted branches may spread illness and even infect the tree’s trunk. Rotten branches can also attract insects and invasive species detrimental to surrounding greenery. Finally, deadwood is more likely to break off during severe weather. The good news is that our arborists can help you protect your property by performing deadwooding services before bad weather hits.

Crown Density Reduction

Crown density reduction is a pruning method commonly used on hardwood trees to remove overgrowth blocking sunlight. Our arborists will tell you whether crown density reduction is required and how much should be removed after an initial examination. We’ll reduce the weight on your trees by eliminating extra branches, allowing them to thrive stress-free.

Shrub Trimming

Shrub pruning can help both the aesthetic and health of your plants at the same time. For example, an overgrown shrub may gradually weigh itself down and become diseased if left untended. Maintaining bushes also helps interior branches get enough light and nutrients.

At Stanley Tree Service, we can trim your plants to promote a natural shape. We use various methods to keep your plants looking healthy and beautiful. Every shrub’s ideal timing for pruning and trimming is identified. Our skilled arborists are well-informed about these details, and they will get the personalized attention they require as a result.

What Is the Difference Between Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning?

Trimming and pruning are generally done at different times of the year, using special equipment. Therefore, knowing when and how to trim and prune is essential for an optimal result.

Trimming is primarily about making trees look beautiful and relieving the burden of overgrowth.

Pruning involves strategically removing undesirable limbs to promote healthy growth and maintain shape. Pruning is also critical in preserving fruit trees and their flowers, which are the source of much enjoyment. Spurs also grow when pruned, allowing for greater fruit production.

Reasons You May Need to Trim or Prune Your Trees and Shrubs

Do your trees have a lot of dead branches? Are pests causing damage to their trunk, bark, or branches? Do you want to encourage more fruit blossoms? Is it time for an upgrade in terms of landscaping beauty and functionality? If you answered yes to any of these questions, call Stanley Tree today!

If your tree begins to droop or appear unhealthy, it’s most likely been affected by decay or the weight of dead limbs. Pruning can improve the health and vitality of a plant. Trimming may be used to remove diseased, fungal, or insect-infested portions of a tree or shrub. Both methods can help restore the health of your trees and bushes by exposing them to plenty of sunlight and fresh air circulation.

Branches and undergrowth in your yard can endanger adjacent structures. Neglected trees may extend into neighboring property or block roads and driveways. The branches of giant trees occasionally climb over fences and roofing, entangling in power lines. When tree branches grow near or above telephone and power lines, the danger of outages and fires rises dramatically. Fortunately, our skilled arborists can assist you in receiving secure and ample clearance before your overgrown trees create trouble or irritate your neighbors.

Pruning and thinning may improve the visual appeal of your landscape. Your yard will appear clean if you remove dead and tangled branches. We can also shape your trees and bushes to produce spectacular flowers that complement your home. If you live near a lake, mountain range or have stunning views from your home, we can neatly trim trees to provide a lovely panorama.

It is feasible to stimulate rapid development by cutting a young branch. Selective pruning is especially beneficial when a plant has an underperforming section. Pruning can also help spur flowers, fruit, and strong flower buds form. Finally, lightly trimming fruit trees in the summer improves air circulation while helping prevent disease, decay, and insect infestation.

We highly advise pruning and removing any sick, injured, dying, infected, or dead branches from your trees as soon as possible to promote optimum growth and avoid the spread of rot. The sooner diseased and damaged parts are removed, the quicker your trees and shrubs will be restored to health.

Pruning and trimming your trees may help them live longer. We can also prune and cut for special effects and decorative shapes if required.

Our arborists have the formal training to employ various pruning techniques, including:

  • Pollarding – This technique entails cutting off the crown and branches of a tree to promote top growth.
  • Coppicing – This technique involves cutting a tree or shrub at ground level to stimulate bottom growth.
  • Espalier – This technique involves pruning a fruit tree or ornamental shrub to help it grow flat against a latticed wall.

To be structurally sound, you must avoid pruning abuses such as topping trees. Topping a tree will weaken it and make it vulnerable to diseases.

A neighbor’s tree encroaching on your home is a pain in the neck. People despise trees that trespass onto their property line. Have an expert arborist trim and prune your trees regularly to avoid infringing on your neighbor’s property by maintaining a watch of your landscaping. If a limb snaps off or a tree falls during powerful winds, you may be responsible for any damages.

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It’s a hassle to deal with an uprooted or dying tree. That is why Stanley Tree Service provides excellent quality. Maintaining the health of a tree with regular trimming and pruning can significantly boost its longevity and stability. Our tree care experts make every effort to aid trees and shrubs in flourishing. We are only a phone call away with fair pricing and exceptional craftsmanship!