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We specialize in tree removal services in the Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Customers have trusted us since 1986 to remove any tree efficiently and safely, no matter the size and scope of the project.

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Are you looking for a professional tree removal service that can help you remove unsightly stumps from your property? If so, Stanley Tree Service is ready to assist. You won’t have to deal with the trouble of hiring a stump grinder or working with hazardous equipment on your own if we can help it. We’ll quickly, safely, and efficiently grind or pull out any tree stump that’s taking up valuable space in your yard using cutting-edge technology and procedures. We provide the equipment and techniques to complete the task properly utilizing advanced technology and methods.

Grinding Tree Stump with Grinder.

What Is the Difference Between Stump Removal and Stump Grinding?

Grinding and stump removal have the same result, but they use different methods. Tree removal with heavy-duty equipment is known as stump destruction. The stump is broken down into tiny fragments by grinding. There are advantages and disadvantages to both approaches. Depending on your specific circumstances, one of these options may be preferable.

The stump removal procedure is time-consuming and invasive. It entails removing the large tree stump with a powerful machine and digging up the tree’s root system. This method takes a long time, involves intensive manual labor, and uses specialized equipment. The benefit is that once the stump has been removed and the hole has been refilled with dirt, you will be rid of all reminders of your tree, allowing you to start over again.

Grinding a stump is less intrusive than removing it. Using a machine to crush the stump into woodchips is the approach used in this method. These chips may be reused as mulch for other plants or disposed of. Grinding is a more rapid and efficient way to get rid of unsightly stumps from your lawn.

Our experts can give you advice based on your circumstances. The depth of the stump grind depends on various factors, including the size and age of the tree. Stump grinding will effectively remove the visible signs of the tree but not necessarily all underground roots. These subterranean roots will naturally decompose over time, but it might take well over a decade for everything to dissolve completely.

On the one hand, stump removal is more time-consuming and expensive than stump grinding. Stump removal, on the other hand, leaves you with a clean slate that allows you to grow or develop new plants without difficulty. If you’re still unsure if tree cutting or grinding is best for your needs, our expert arborists can help.

Reasons You Should Get Rid of Your Tree Stump in the Ground

The following are some of the most important advantages of tree stump removal:

Removing a tree stump is a reasonable precaution against decay, mold, and pests. However, tree stumps that have been ignored can spread illnesses and attract vermin. Nobody wants to invite termites, carpenter ants, beetles, or other wood-boring insects onto their property. A tree stump can also harbor toxic fungi that no one wants near their pets or small children. Furthermore, an infested stump may endanger your home by introducing termites into it.

Stumps are unsightly. They may make a lovely garden appear unkept if left to decay. This is why many homeowners choose to remove tree stumps before putting their homes on the market. Act now and improve your landscape! You can plant a new tree or add a new landscaping element without worrying about future difficulties by removing your stump.

Tree stumps might get in the way of new and creative landscaping ideas. You will be able to investigate new design alternatives by getting rid of them. However, neglected tree stumps can also be hazardous safety hazards if people stroll across your grass or kids play in your yard. Reduce your risk – remove tree stumps before someone trips and gets hurt.

A stump may also feed an underground root system. Underground roots are invasive and aggressive, damaging sewage pipes, sidewalks, and other structural foundations. Grinding or digging up your stump can avoid costly plumbing difficulties and dangerous uneven concrete.


Cost of Stump Removal VS Stump Grinding

In general, stump removal is considerably more expensive than stump grinding. The prices of stump removal vs. stump grinding are influenced by a variety of factors, including:

The cost of removing tree stumps will vary based on the diameter. Each additional inch adds substantially more effort to the task. If you have a large number of stumps to grind, our arborists can compute an upfront cost by dividing the average diameter of all your stumps (in inches) by the total number of stumps you want us to remove.

Old stumps are frequently rotting, decaying, and much easier to reduce. Consequently, they will not require much force, labor, or heavy-duty equipment to remove. This can significantly lower the cost of the stump removal or grinding project.

Is it possible to remove a tree stump myself, or would I be better off hiring a tree expert?

A DIY approach to tree stump removal may save you money in the short term, but it will cost you time, money, and stress over time. We strongly advise hiring one of our professional arborists to remove your tree stump safely and effectively unless you have access to tree grinding machinery and the necessary skills. An amateur running power tools exposes him or her to a significant risk of serious harm. Chainsaws and grinders are dangerous machines that can have devastating effects.

If the tree is rotten or otherwise damaged, you’ll want to cut it down and remove it as soon as possible. You may cut the tree close to the ground or up near its canopy for a quicker removal, but we recommend getting professional help.

You may get a low-cost service with our tree stump removal experts and have your yard restored in no time. We have the expertise, training, and tools (stump grinders, chainsaws, and woodchippers).

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Stanley Tree Service has provided high-quality tree care services at reasonable rates since its inception in 1986. Our courteous arborists are well-informed and ready to guarantee that your landscape stays healthy, pleasant, and resilient.